Cloud Run Admin API (run:v2)


1 new method


  • run.projects.locations.operations.wait

      Parameter Order: name

      Flat Path: v2/projects/{projectsId}/locations/{locationsId}/operations/{operationsId}:wait

      Description: Waits until the specified long-running operation is done or reaches at most a specified timeout, returning the latest state. If the operation is already done, the latest state is immediately returned. If the timeout specified is greater than the default HTTP/RPC timeout, the HTTP/RPC timeout is used. If the server does not support this method, it returns `google.rpc.Code.UNIMPLEMENTED`. Note that this method is on a best-effort basis. It may return the latest state before the specified timeout (including immediately), meaning even an immediate response is no guarantee that the operation is done.




          Required: Yes

          Pattern: ^projects/[^/]+/locations/[^/]+/operations/[^/]+$

          Location: path

          Description: The name of the operation resource to wait on.

          Type: string

      HTTP Method: POST

      Path: v2/{+name}:wait