Google Cloud Data Catalog API (datacatalog:v1)


1 new method


  • datacatalog.projects.locations.entryGroups.entries.tags.reconcile

      Parameter Order: parent

      Flat Path: v1/projects/{projectsId}/locations/{locationsId}/entryGroups/{entryGroupsId}/entries/{entriesId}/tags:reconcile


      Path: v1/{+parent}/tags:reconcile

      HTTP Method: POST



          Description: Required. Name of Entry to be tagged.

          Location: path

          Pattern: ^projects/[^/]+/locations/[^/]+/entryGroups/[^/]+/entries/[^/]+$

          Required: Yes

          Type: string

      Description: Reconciles tags created with a given tag template on a given Entry. Reconciliation is an operation that given a list of tags creates or updates them on the entry. Additionally, the operation is also able to delete tags not mentioned in the tag list. It can be achieved by setting force_delete_missing parameter. Reconciliation is a long-running operation done in the background, so this method returns long-running operation resource. The resource can be queried with Operations.GetOperation which contains metadata and response.