Cloud Dataproc API (dataproc:v1)


1 updated method


  • dataproc.projects.locations.batches.list



          Location: query

          Type: string

          Description: Optional. A filter for the batches to return in the response.A filter is a logical expression constraining the values of various fields in each batch resource. Filters are case sensitive, and may contain multiple clauses combined with logical operators (AND/OR). Supported fields are batch_id, batch_uuid, state, and create_time.e.g. state = RUNNING and create_time < "2023-01-01T00:00:00Z" filters for batches in state RUNNING that were created before 2023-01-01See for a detailed description of the filter syntax and a list of supported comparisons.


          Description: Optional. Field(s) on which to sort the list of batches.Currently the only supported sort orders are unspecified (empty) and create_time desc to sort by most recently created batches first.See for more details.

          Type: string

          Location: query