Google Analytics Admin API (analyticsadmin:v1alpha)


1 new method


  • analyticsadmin.accounts.runAccessReport

      Parameter Order: entity

      HTTP Method: POST


    • Flat Path: v1alpha/accounts/{accountsId}:runAccessReport

      Path: v1alpha/{+entity}:runAccessReport

      Description: Returns a customized report of data access records. The report provides records of each time a user reads Google Analytics reporting data. Access records are retained for up to 2 years. Data Access Reports can be requested for a property. The property must be in Google Analytics 360. This method is only available to Administrators. These data access records include GA4 UI Reporting, GA4 UI Explorations, GA4 Data API, and other products like Firebase & Admob that can retrieve data from Google Analytics through a linkage. These records don't include property configuration changes like adding a stream or changing a property's time zone. For configuration change history, see [searchChangeHistoryEvents](



          Pattern: ^accounts/[^/]+$

          Description: The Data Access Report is requested for this property. For example if "123" is your GA4 property ID, then entity should be "properties/123".

          Location: path

          Type: string

          Required: Yes