Cloud Identity API (cloudidentity:v1beta1)


1 new method


  • cloudidentity.groups.memberships.searchDirectGroups

      Description: Searches direct groups of a member.



          Location: query

          Type: integer

          Description: The default page size is 200 (max 1000).

          Format: int32


          Type: string

          Description: The ordering of membership relation for the display name or email in the response. The syntax for this field can be found at Example: Sort by the ascending display name: order_by="group_name" or order_by="group_name asc". Sort by the descending display name: order_by="group_name desc". Sort by the ascending group key: order_by="group_key" or order_by="group_key asc". Sort by the descending group key: order_by="group_key desc".

          Location: query


          Description: Required. A CEL expression that MUST include member specification AND label(s). Users can search on label attributes of groups. CONTAINS match ('in') is supported on labels. Identity-mapped groups are uniquely identified by both a `member_key_id` and a `member_key_namespace`, which requires an additional query input: `member_key_namespace`. Example query: `member_key_id == 'member_key_id_value' && 'label_value' in labels`

          Location: query

          Type: string


          Type: string

          Location: query

          Description: The next_page_token value returned from a previous list request, if any


          Location: path

          Pattern: ^groups/[^/]+$

          Type: string

          Description: [Resource name]( of the group to search transitive memberships in. Format: groups/{group_id}, where group_id is always '-' as this API will search across all groups for a given member.

          Required: Yes

      Parameter Order: parent

      Path: v1beta1/{+parent}/memberships:searchDirectGroups

      HTTP Method: GET

      Flat Path: v1beta1/groups/{groupsId}/memberships:searchDirectGroups