Cloud Spanner API (spanner:v1)


1 new method


  • spanner.projects.instances.databases.patch

      Path: v1/{+name}

      HTTP Method: PATCH

      Flat Path: v1/projects/{projectsId}/instances/{instancesId}/databases/{databasesId}

      Description: Updates a Cloud Spanner database. The returned long-running operation can be used to track the progress of updating the database. If the named database does not exist, returns `NOT_FOUND`. While the operation is pending: * The database's reconciling field is set to true. * Cancelling the operation is best-effort. If the cancellation succeeds, the operation metadata's cancel_time is set, the updates are reverted, and the operation terminates with a `CANCELLED` status. * New UpdateDatabase requests will return a `FAILED_PRECONDITION` error until the pending operation is done (returns successfully or with error). * Reading the database via the API continues to give the pre-request values. Upon completion of the returned operation: * The new values are in effect and readable via the API. * The database's reconciling field becomes false. The returned long-running operation will have a name of the format `projects//instances//databases//operations/` and can be used to track the database modification. The metadata field type is UpdateDatabaseMetadata. The response field type is Database, if successful.


    • Parameters:


          Required: Yes

          Pattern: ^projects/[^/]+/instances/[^/]+/databases/[^/]+$

          Location: path

          Type: string

          Description: Required. The name of the database. Values are of the form `projects//instances//databases/`, where `` is as specified in the `CREATE DATABASE` statement. This name can be passed to other API methods to identify the database.


          Format: google-fieldmask

          Location: query

          Type: string

          Description: Required. The list of fields to update. Currently, only `enable_drop_protection` field can be updated.

      Parameter Order: name