Cloud Channel API (cloudchannel:v1)


1 new method


  • cloudchannel.accounts.customers.queryEligibleBillingAccounts

      Path: v1/{+customer}:queryEligibleBillingAccounts

      Description: Lists the billing accounts that are eligible to purchase particular SKUs for a given customer. Possible error codes: * PERMISSION_DENIED: The customer doesn't belong to the reseller. * INVALID_ARGUMENT: Required request parameters are missing or invalid. Return value: Based on the provided list of SKUs, returns a list of SKU groups that must be purchased using the same billing account and the billing accounts eligible to purchase each SKU group.

      Flat Path: v1/accounts/{accountsId}/customers/{customersId}:queryEligibleBillingAccounts




          Pattern: ^accounts/[^/]+/customers/[^/]+$

          Location: path

          Required: Yes

          Description: Required. The resource name of the customer to list eligible billing accounts for. Format: accounts/{account_id}/customers/{customer_id}.

          Type: string


          Description: Required. List of SKUs to list eligible billing accounts for. At least one SKU is required. Format: products/{product_id}/skus/{sku_id}.

          Repeated: Yes

          Location: query

          Type: string

      Parameter Order: customer

      HTTP Method: GET