Travel Impact Model API (travelimpactmodel:v1)


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      Path: v1/flights:computeFlightEmissions

      Description: Stateless method to retrieve emission estimates. Details on how emission estimates are computed: The response will contain all entries that match the input flight legs, in the same order. If there are no estimates available for a certain flight leg, the response will return the flight leg object with empty emission fields. The request will still be considered successful. Reasons for missing emission estimates include: - The flight is unknown to the server. - The input flight leg is missing one or more identifiers. - The flight date is in the past. - The aircraft type is not supported by the model. - Missing seat configuration. The request can contain up to 1000 flight legs. If the request has more than 1000 direct flights, if will fail with an INVALID_ARGUMENT error.

      HTTP Method: POST

      Flat Path: v1/flights:computeFlightEmissions