Cloud Tasks API (cloudtasks:v2)


1 new method


  • cloudtasks.projects.locations.queues.tasks.buffer

      Path: v2/{+queue}/tasks/{taskId}:buffer

      Flat Path: v2/projects/{projectsId}/locations/{locationsId}/queues/{queuesId}/tasks/{taskId}:buffer

      HTTP Method: POST



          Description: Required. The parent queue name. For example: projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/LOCATION_ID/queues/QUEUE_ID` The queue must already exist.

          Pattern: ^projects/[^/]+/locations/[^/]+/queues/[^/]+$

          Location: path

          Required: Yes

          Type: string


          Description: Optional. Task ID for the task being created. If not provided, Cloud Tasks generates an ID for the task.

          Location: path

          Required: Yes

          Type: string

      Parameter Order:

    • queue
    • taskId
    • Scopes:

      Description: Creates and buffers a new task without the need to explicitly define a Task message. The queue must have HTTP target. To create the task with a custom ID, use the following format and set TASK_ID to your desired ID: projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/LOCATION_ID/queues/QUEUE_ID/tasks/TASK_ID:buffer To create the task with an automatically generated ID, use the following format: projects/PROJECT_ID/locations/LOCATION_ID/queues/QUEUE_ID/tasks:buffer.