Security Token Service API (sts:v1)


2 removed methods


  • sts.introspect

      Path: v1/introspect

      Flat Path: v1/introspect

      HTTP Method: POST

      Description: Gets information about a Google OAuth 2.0 access token issued by the Google Cloud [Security Token Service API](

  • sts.oauthtoken

      Path: v1/oauthtoken

      Flat Path: v1/oauthtoken

      HTTP Method: POST

      Description: Exchanges a credential that represents the resource owner's authorization for a Google-generated [OAuth 2.0 access token] ( or [refreshes an accesstoken] ( following [the OAuth 2.0 authorization framework] ( The credential can be one of the following: - An authorization code issued by the workforce identity federation authorization endpoint - A [refresh token]( issued by this endpoint This endpoint is only meant to be called by the Google Cloud CLI. Also note that this API only accepts the authorization code issued for workforce pools.