Cloud Spanner API (spanner:v1)


1 new method


  • spanner.projects.instances.move

      Path: v1/{+name}:move

      Flat Path: v1/projects/{projectsId}/instances/{instancesId}:move

      HTTP Method: POST



          Description: Required. The instance to move. Values are of the form `projects//instances/`.

          Pattern: ^projects/[^/]+/instances/[^/]+$

          Location: path

          Required: Yes

          Type: string

      Parameter Order: name


    • Description: Moves the instance to the target instance config. The returned long-running operation can be used to track the progress of moving the instance. `MoveInstance` returns `FAILED_PRECONDITION` if the instance meets any of the following criteria: * Has an ongoing move to a different instance config * Has backups * Has an ongoing update * Is under free trial * Contains any CMEK-enabled databases While the operation is pending: * All other attempts to modify the instance, including changes to its compute capacity, are rejected. * The following database and backup admin operations are rejected: * DatabaseAdmin.CreateDatabase, * DatabaseAdmin.UpdateDatabaseDdl (Disabled if default_leader is specified in the request.) * DatabaseAdmin.RestoreDatabase * DatabaseAdmin.CreateBackup * DatabaseAdmin.CopyBackup * Both the source and target instance configs are subject to hourly compute and storage charges. * The instance may experience higher read-write latencies and a higher transaction abort rate. However, moving an instance does not cause any downtime. The returned long-running operation will have a name of the format `/operations/` and can be used to track the move instance operation. The metadata field type is MoveInstanceMetadata. The response field type is Instance, if successful. Cancelling the operation sets its metadata's cancel_time. Cancellation is not immediate since it involves moving any data previously moved to target instance config back to the original instance config. The same operation can be used to track the progress of the cancellation. Upon successful completion of the cancellation, the operation terminates with CANCELLED status. Upon completion(if not cancelled) of the returned operation: * Instance would be successfully moved to the target instance config. * You are billed for compute and storage in target instance config. Authorization requires `spanner.instances.update` permission on the resource instance. For more details, please see [documentation](