Content API for Shopping (content:v2.1)


1 new method


  • content.merchantsupport.triggeraction

      Path: {merchantId}/merchantsupport/triggeraction

      Flat Path: {merchantId}/merchantsupport/triggeraction

      HTTP Method: POST



          Description: Required. The ID of the merchant's account.

          Location: path

          Required: Yes

          Type: string

          Format: int64


          Description: Optional. Language code [IETF BCP 47 syntax]( used to localize the response. If not set, the result will be in default language `en-US`.

          Location: query

          Type: string

      Parameter Order: merchantId


      Description: Start an action. The action can be requested by merchants in third-party application. Before merchants can request the action, the third-party application needs to show them action specific content and display a user input form. The action can be successfully started only once all `required` inputs are provided. If any `required` input is missing, or invalid value was provided, the service will return 400 error. Validation errors will contain Ids for all problematic field together with translated, human readable error messages that can be shown to the user.