Authorized Buyers Marketplace API (authorizedbuyersmarketplace:v1)


1 new method


  • authorizedbuyersmarketplace.bidders.auctionPackages.list

      Path: v1/{+parent}/auctionPackages

      Flat Path: v1/bidders/{biddersId}/auctionPackages

      HTTP Method: GET



          Description: Required. Name of the parent buyer that can access the auction package. Format: `buyers/{accountId}`. When used with a bidder account, the auction packages that the bidder, its media planners, its buyers and clients are subscribed to will be listed, in the format `bidders/{accountId}`.

          Pattern: ^bidders/[^/]+$

          Location: path

          Required: Yes

          Type: string


          Description: Requested page size. The server may return fewer results than requested. Max allowed page size is 500.

          Location: query

          Type: integer

          Format: int32


          Description: The page token as returned. ListAuctionPackagesResponse.nextPageToken

          Location: query

          Type: string


          Description: Optional. Optional query string using the [Cloud API list filtering syntax](/authorized-buyers/apis/guides/list-filters). Only supported when parent is bidder. Supported columns for filtering are: * displayName * createTime * updateTime * eligibleSeatIds

          Location: query

          Type: string

      Parameter Order: parent


      Description: List the auction packages. Buyers can use the URL path "/v1/buyers/{accountId}/auctionPackages" to list auction packages for the current buyer and its clients. Bidders can use the URL path "/v1/bidders/{accountId}/auctionPackages" to list auction packages for the bidder, its media planners, its buyers, and all their clients.