Connectors API (connectors:v2)


1 removed method


  • connectors.projects.locations.connections.entityTypes.entitieswithacls.list

      Path: v2/{+parent}/entitieswithacls

      Flat Path: v2/projects/{projectsId}/locations/{locationsId}/connections/{connectionsId}/entityTypes/{entityTypesId}/entitieswithacls

      HTTP Method: GET



          Description: Required. Resource name of the Entity Type. Format: projects/{project}/locations/{location}/connections/{connection}/entityTypes/{type}

          Pattern: ^projects/[^/]+/locations/[^/]+/connections/[^/]+/entityTypes/[^/]+$

          Location: path

          Required: Yes

          Type: string


          Description: Conditions to be used when listing entities. From a proto standpoint, There are no restrictions on what can be passed using this field. The connector documentation should have information about what format of filters/conditions are supported.

          Location: query

          Type: string


          Description: Format: gs://object_path

          Location: query

          Type: string

      Parameter Order: parent


      Description: Lists entity rows with ACLs of a particular entity type contained in the request. Note: 1. Currently, only max of one 'sort_by' column is supported. 2. If no 'sort_by' column is provided, the primary key of the table is used. If zero or more than one primary key is available, we default to the unpaginated list entities logic which only returns the first page. 3. The values of the 'sort_by' columns must uniquely identify an entity row, otherwise undefined behaviors may be observed during pagination. 4. Since transactions are not supported, any updates, inserts or deletes during pagination can lead to stale data being returned or other unexpected behaviors.